Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I thought I knew..

How to be a great blogger, haha. Fail.

-I'm slightly in love with his voice. Listen to him!
-I love Utah weather.
-I love finding new music.
-I secretly love when the washer and dryer sing to me when they're done.
-I love Bath and Body Works favorite? Country Chic.
-I miss my nieces and nephews dearly.
-I had a dream I was dating an actor, this one to be exact,
-I love dogs..most of them..
-I have realized I still don't like pink, but I can tolerate it.
-I'm growing my hair out! Then will prolly chop it again..I like donating it.
-I secretly love when my hair is longer than any of my sisters.
-I love that I can go to Provo and feel like I'm in a different state.
-I have learned to control my obsession for ice cream/fro yo/custard goodness.
-I love Baby Mitchell Kent Menlove, Jr.
-I love that Mitch can do all these fun things as he gets older.
-I just love my best friend!
-I love that I'll be a mother of four for my 21st, not really love, kinda bummed..but that's okay! Because Elizabeth is getting married and I'm so happy for her and that shes happy.
-I love listening to my blog playlist.
-I think its funny that I have only hung out with one girl, one time, since living in Utah. Boys are just less dramatic. Plus. They aren't also not as fun.
-I absolutely heart Texas.

I'll be back when I can!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was doing really good!

But not so much anymore.
Epic. Fail.
Im still here.
I'll play catch up again soon.
Til then..
Enjoy my new playlist!